Access to Information and Privacy

The Access to Information Act gives every Canadian citizen, permanent resident, individual or corporation present in Canada the right to request access to records that are under the control of federal government institutions.

The Privacy Act provides every Canadian citizen, permanent resident or individual present in Canada with a right of access to their personal information that is held by federal government institutions. It also protects against unauthorized disclosure of that personal information. In addition, it strictly controls how the federal government will collect, use, store, disclose and dispose of any personal information.

The mandate of the Canadian Heritage Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Secretariat is to implement and administer the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act and to ensure that legislative and central agency policies and procedures are respected on behalf of the Department.

The ATIP Secretariat coordinates responses to requests for information held by Canadian Heritage by either sending copies of requested records to applicants or by arranging for applicants to review requested records onsite.