PCH Three-Year Plan for Transfer Payment Programs (2010-2013)

The principal objective of the three-year plan is to provide applicants, recipients, parliamentarians, ministers and other stakeholders with essential information to identify planned departmental activities that might have an impact on their specific programs of interest.

Section 6.1.1 of the revised Treasury Board of Canada Policy on Transfer Payments (effective October 1, 2008) requires that departments provide a Three-Year Program Plan to Treasury Board Secretariat by April 1 of each year. A summary of this plan is to be made public on the departmental website and referenced in the departmental Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP).

The Three-Year Plan for Transfer Payment Programs contains the following basic information for each funding program:

  • Name of the transfer payment program
  • The fiscal year in which the program was approved or last renewed
  • Spending forecast for the current fiscal year
  • Latest program effectiveness evaluation
    • Fiscal year of latest evaluation
    • Decisions as a result of latest evaluation
  • Fiscal year of next planned evaluation