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Official Languages

Official Languages Support Programs

Development of Official-Language Communities Program
This program is designed to foster the vitality of Canada's French and English-speaking minority communities and enable them to participate fully in all aspects of Canadian life.
Community Life Component aims to enable the federal government to work with partners to offer official-language minority communities access to services in their own language, as well as the infrastructure necessary to ensure their growth and development.
Cooperation with the Community Sector aims to encourage community organizations to become involved by reinforcing their ability to take action to make measurable gains in long-term community development, as well as to encourage innovation and excellence.
Strategic Funds im to assist official-language minority communities to encourage their citizens to participate in local community life in their own language, developing the vitality of the culture, and integrating into their local community life through large-scale projects
Community Cultural Action Fund aims to support and strengthen the cultural, artistic and heritage actions of official-language minority communities and to ensure outreach of their wealth and diverse cultural, artistic and heritage expressions.
Minority-Language Education Component aims to improve the provincial and territorial supply of programs and activities to provide education in the language of official-language minority communities (Anglophones in Quebec and Francophones outside Quebec), at all levels of education, and also to increase the production and dissemination of knowledge and innovative methods and tools to support teaching in the language of the minority.
Cooperation with the Non-Governmental Sector aims to increase the production and dissemination of knowledge, methods and tools to support minority-language education through projects or initiatives
Enhancement of Official Languages Program
This program is designed to foster among Canadians a greater understanding and appreciation of the benefits of linguistic duality.
Promotion of Linguistic Duality Component aims to help organizations from various sectors to undertake or continue activities that promote a better understanding or appreciation of linguistic duality and to build stronger linguistic and cultural links among members of the two official-language communities. This component also aims to promote the provision of services in both official languages, English and French, in order to build a bilingual capability within non-governmental organizations.
Appreciation and Rapprochement aims to foster a greater understanding of linguistic duality and closer ties between English- and French-speaking Canadians through ongoing activities or innovative projects.
Promotion of Bilingual Services aims to encourage various non-governmental organizations, particularly volunteer organizations, to provide services in English and French and to share their best practices in that area through innovative projects or initiatives.
Support for Interpretation and Translation aims to assist organizations that encourage the participation of Canadians in both official languages at public events and to increase the number of documents available in both official languages.
Second-Language Learning Component aims to improve programs and activities offered by the provinces and territories for the instruction of English and French as second official languages at all levels of learning, and to increase the production and dissemination of knowledge, innovative methods and tools to support second-language instruction.
Cooperation with the Non-Governmental Sector aims to increase the production and dissemination of knowledge, methods and tools to support teaching of a second language through projects or initiatives designed to have an impact on many communities, preferably in more than one province or territory or nationwide.

Bursaries, Exchanges and Jobs

Odyssey—Full-Time Language Assistant Program
Odyssey is a full-time work experience that gives participants the opportunity to travel Canada, make a difference in the lives of others, and share your culture.
Destination Clic—French Enrichment Bursary Program
This bursary program enables young Francophones from official-language minority communities to improve their first-language skills through a five-week intensive summer course at an accredited post-secondary institution.
Explore — Second Language Summer Program
The Explore bursary program enables young Canadians to improve their second official language through a five-week summer immersion course in an accredited post-secondary institution.
Languages at Work
Languages at Work offers students enrolled in the Explore bursary program the opportunity to take their newly acquired language skills out of the classroom and into the workplace.
Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages
Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages aims to provide summer employment to students in their field of study in a second official language or in an official-language minority community where they will be able to use their first language