Hosting Program (HP)

The Hosting Program (HP) is a sport funding program and key instrument in the Government of Canada’s overall approach to sport development in Canada and aims to enhance the development of sport excellence and the international profile of sport organizations by assisting sport organizations to host the Canada Games and international sport events in Canada.  These events are expected to produce significant sport, economic, social and cultural legacies.

The Hosting Program offers Canada a planned and coordinated approach to realizing direct and significant benefits from bidding and hosting projects in the areas of sport development, economic, social, cultural, and community impacts, across a broad range of government priorities.  The program is characterized by active liaison with partners/stakeholders and a diligent contribution system.

The Hosting Program has four delivery components:

Program Objectives

The Hosting Program’s objectives are:

  • to strengthen the sport excellence and sport development impacts of bidding and hosting the Canada Games and targeted international sport events;
  • to increase access and equity for designated under-represented groups through contributions to international bidding and hosting events; and
  • to strengthen the associated economic, social, cultural and community impacts of supported bidding and hosting projects, in keeping with the Government of Canada interests and priorities.

Key Stakeholders, Beneficiaries, and Recipients

Athletes, sport organizations and host societies are the primary targets of this Program. In addition, the program is designed to increase access and equity in sport for targeted under-represented groups.  The reach of the Program extends far beyond these groups to include community members, volunteers and participants; all of whom can draw on the economic, social and cultural benefits of hosting international events and the Canada Games in their own communities.  Contributions are made to organizations that are incorporated as non-profit corporations under federal or provincial law for specific bidding or hosting projects or NSOs and MSOs eligible under the Sport Funding and Accountability Framework (SFAF).